what is there to say about this insanely amazing band?!?! the term they coined for their particular brand of music nearly says it all: GYPSY PUNK ROCK. but i can say it all in two: PURE. ENERGY.

BAD BUKA is an 8-piece band force of nature that began its life as PANONIAN WAVE. straight out of my hometown borough of queens, i’m convinced they can play ANYWHERE and own it. who said the outer borough doesn’t bring it?!

here’s something i wrote for local music site LICNotes:

Bad Buka is the kind of band that defies explanation – they bring their lively Balkan roots to NYC with the richness of world music, punk rock attitude, and even the spunk of ska. Their energy is so PURE that listeners are immediately converted. Theirs is the kind of music that any person of any musical background or taste can absorb, dance to, lose themselves in, and commune with. At a Bad Buka show, you truly become part of a shared experience – a transfer of energy from band to crowd and back again, over and over and over. This band is simply one of a kind.

eric & i caught them at greenpoint’s bar matchless a few weeks ago and managed to stop dancing long enough to take a few videos (!!!) and pix. but PLEASE experience this band in person – dance out your demons!"

                               -Audrey Leopard LIC Notes ,


"I’m not one for sweeping statements, but Bad Buka is one of the best live bands you’ll ever see "

                          -Alan Semerdjian L.I. Pulse